The United Nations recognizes GlobalShala’s Superhero U contest

New Delhi: Taking inspiration from the United ‘Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the Ed-tech company had announced its initiative Superhero U. In the pursuit of cultivating a force of forward-thinking and self-responsible leaders. The contest invited students to self-imagine a “Superhero” that essentially takes on universal challenges and strives to make the world a better place. Winners of the competition will also be awarded an opportunity to visit the U.N. Headquarters in New York, USA.

To distinguish future leaders’ creative engagement, the United Nations recognized the contest as an impactful initiative to encourage imaginative student ideas to solve global problems. This special recognition marks a proud moment for Globalshala, a company inspired by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. In today’s complex, global society, the need for innovative and creative problem-solving has never been greater. Our communities face myriad challenges, and each individual should have a role in reimagining their future with the powers and intelligence required to create an idealistic society. Globalshala’s dynamic engagement platform enables young social entrepreneurs to catalyze their creative thinking and social innovation.

Superhero U was a collaborative effort between GlobalShala and Northeastern University, a UNAI member institution, and a top 50 ranked research university in the U.S. and a global leader in experiential learning.

Anushika Jain, Founder & CEO, GlobalShala, said, “The entire GlobalShala team extends gratitude for the recognition from the United Nations for the innovative approach to inspiring students in solving real-world problems with the “Superhero U”. It is delightful to see the impact of our work and 1,000+ aspirants from more than 80 countries taking upon the opportunities provided by GlobalShala. We revel on the feature on the U.N. website and hope to thrive more with our collaborative efforts.”

GlobalShala focuses on empowering students and educators through experiential learning and education to open up hopes and dreams of lifelong learners worldwide. Through the GlobalShala platform, individuals can participate in exciting global competitions and events, have a chance to earn international scholarships, receive hands-on training through global internships, and secure batches and certificates towards lifelong learning.