The university graduation ceremonies are taking place online

The time of graduation ceremonies began at Tomsk State University. The first diplomas were received by graduates of the Institute of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science and the Pre-courses Department, and then the Faculty of Physics and Master’s students of the Faculty of Geology and Geography took the baton.

By tradition, this solemn event takes place in the Assembly Hall of the TSU main building. For the first time, university graduation certificates are awarded online, the ceremony is broadcast on the TSU YouTube channel –

Link to the playlist

“Gaudeamus” sounds – and those who graduated with honors are the first to receive diplomas. This year, out of 2,941 students graduating from TSU, 893 people will receive red diplomas – 326 bachelors, 45 specialists, and 522 master’s students.

Faculties and educational institutions invite their graduates to the festive event in advance by sending them a link that is formed shortly before the broadcast begins. Before graduation, students are congratulated by the rector, vice-rectors, and deans.

Then, each TSU graduate and guest can virtually walk from the gate to the University Grove to the entrance to the Assembly Hall: the VR 360 video fully conveys the festive atmosphere in front of the main building – both those rushing for graduation, those who have already received diplomas and take selfies for graduates.

After the presentation, the group or faculty can individually, with their program, go to a separate online room, thank the teachers and present their creative congratulations.

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