The University of Sheffield, UK is inviting applications for Medical Microbiology BSc course starting in September 2021

This course will give a broad understanding of microbiology with an emphasis on topics of medical relevance, allowing students to understand how microbes live, as well as ways to disrupt disease processes, before putting their skills and knowledge into practice in the lab.

Students will study the importance of bacteria, viruses and other microbes in the environment and as pathogens. Students will also learn about how we can manipulate their genetic makeup to put microbes to good use in biotechnology, allowing us to better understand and tackle the global threat of antimicrobial-resistant infections.

All students take compulsory modules designed to give them specialist knowledge of microbiology, whilst also introducing them to biochemistry, genetics, and molecular biology. As students progress through their degree and discover what they’re passionate about, optional modules will allow them to explore their chosen subject in greater depth, specialise in one area, keep their interests broad or even switch to another degree programme within the molecular biosciences.


In the first year, students will spend six hours in the lab each week learning the practical skills and knowledge that every bio scientist needs, including how to establish bacterial cultures, assess bioenergetics and perform gene cloning. Analysis classes will equip them with the skills they’ll use outside the lab, from interacting with their data to interpreting their findings. Lectures will give students a broad understanding of the molecular biosciences, allowing them to explore what they’re most interested in.


In the second year, students will begin learning more advanced scientific techniques, both in the lab and in lectures, with topics including experimental design, genome editing using CRISPR/Cas9 and protein purification. Students will continue to take analysis classes to develop their data handling skills further and they can choose to study modules like “Molecules to Market”, allowing them to work in teams to come up with pioneering science enterprise ideas to launch a virtual business.

In the third year, students will complete an extended research project alongside their chosen specialist modules. This will reflect an area of molecular bioscience that interests students and will take place either in the lab or in wider society. Depending on their interests and career goals, students can choose a project from: experimental science, clinical diagnostics, industrial biotechnology, molecular systems and computing, science communication or education and outreach.

Eligibility -Applicants with a minimum aggregate of 75% and 75-80% in key subjects (including two science subjects) at Standard XII will typically be considered for direct admission to this course. IELTS grade of 6.5 with a minimum of 6.0 in each component; or an alternative acceptable English language qualification.


Fee- Overseas students (2020 annual fee) is £ £23, 750 and the fee for 2021 is yet to be announced.

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