The use of new educational formats of training at the Department of Tourism

3rd year students studying in the areas of training “Hospitality” and “Service” participated in the discussion of a topical topic: how do ideas for projects appear and how can they be optimally implemented?
The event was held in the format – meetup. A meeting is a meeting of specialists of the same field for the exchange of experience and knowledge, discussion of current topics and problems in an informal setting. This format of the event does not imply one-hour discussions and lasts about 1.5 hours. Marina Gennadievna Sokolova, director of the Sunrise travel agency, owner of a guest house in Kroshnozero and winner of the Karelian final of the Master of Hospitality competition, was invited to the meeting. She presented her experience of project activities, the idea of ​​a new tourist route for Karelia and Finland. She spoke about new design technologies, the possibilities of using the izi.TRAVEL platform. This platform is a new philosophy of travel, the opportunity to turn off the usual tourist paths and see cities, regions and countries in all their charm, this is a chance to hear the history of every home,

In the second part of the meetup, its organizers – Victoria Sergeevna Plotnikova and Tatyana Sergeevna Dmitrieva – presented student projects in the entertainment industry. The meeting participants listened to the project ideas of their comrades and gave recommendations for their improvement.

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