The Week of the Karelian language is over!

The action “Week of the Karelian Language” started on the Day of Karelian and Vepsian Writing, April 20, when everyone could write a dictation in the Karelian and Vepsian languages.
Students and teachers of the Department of Baltic-Finnish Philology took an active part in the program of events: they wrote a dictation, watched video tours “Karelian stage costumes” and “The Birth of Kantele”, as well as a video presentation “Karelian folk musical instruments” presented by the National Song and Dance Ensemble of Karelia “Kantele “. We tried to learn the elements of Karelian choreography with the help of the video lesson “Let’s dance together”, prepared by the ensemble.

Students took part in a quiz, prepared by the teachers of the department, which was devoted to the history and development of the Karelian language, and got acquainted with new vocabulary on various topics offered in social networks within the framework of the action.


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