Thimphu To Get A Glimpse of Rajasthani Heritage at Mountain Echoes Literary Festival

Thimphu: As the Land of the Thunder Dragon gears up for the eighth edition of Mountain Echoes Literary Festival, fashion stylist and consultant Prasad Bidapa is all set to take the traditional designs of Rajasthan and present them to global audiences in Thimphu.

Fashion is one of the key themes this year as the festival aims to weave the traditional textile heritage of Bhutan and India with contemporary fashion, and build a common thread between the two countries and their shared cultures.

Bhutan’s distinctive literary, arts and cultural festival will be inaugurated on 23rd August with an exhibition titled ‘Handmade in Rajasthan’. Specially curated by Prasad Bidapa, the show will celebrate the indigenous craft forms that give Rajasthan its distinctive identity and aims to present a 360-degree view of Rajasthani textiles. A part of Rajasthan Heritage Fashion Week, the exhibition will provide Bhutanese as well as other international audiences a unique perspective of the designs that have been developed in the Indian state by local weavers, artisans and craftsmen.

On display at the Nehru Wangchuck Cultural Centre, throughout the three-day festival, ‘Handmade in Rajasthan’ will present collections inspired by traditional Kota Doria and handloom cotton saris, block printed ensembles as well as khadi wool suits.

Elaborating on the exhibition, Prasad Bidapa said, “Mountain Echoes presents a carefully curated segment of beautiful clothes which are handmade in Rajasthan. Each garment reflects the heritage aspect of Indian textiles & craftsmanship, creating a resonance that is luxurious, artisanal and extremely collectible. From the finesse of the kota doria sari to the robust hand-woven khadi we call our fabric of freedom; from the exquisite precision of our hand-blocked printing to the finesse of our embroidery, this collection is an emphatic tribute to the spinners, weavers, dyers, printers and embellishers of the beautiful state of Rajasthan.”

Set against the stunning backdrop of the Eastern Himalayas, Mountain Echoes literary festival is an initiative of the India-Bhutan Foundation, in association with India’s leading literary consultancy, Siyahi. Presented by the Jaypee Group and powered by the Department of Tourism, Government of Rajasthan, the eighth edition of the festival will be held from August 25th – 27th, with a special inaugural ceremony on 24th August in Thimphu, Bhutan.

For years, Mountain Echoes literary festival has set the pace for discussions on ancient cultures and contemporary issues. Join us yet again for another unforgettable experience this August. To know more, visit