Third Foundation Day webinar of Pandit SN Shukla University inaugurated

Bhopal : Governor Shri Lalji Tandon has said that the time of crisis created due to Corona virus is of contemplation and innovation. The whole country is unitedly looking for a solution to this crisis today. People are supporting each other. Looking at this sentiment, it seems that monotheism is reviving in the country. Governor Shri Tandon said this during the inauguration of the webinar organized on the third foundation day of Pandit Shambhunath Shukla University Shahdol.

Governor Shri Tandon said that the Prime Minister through his address has advised the countrymen to deal with the ill effects of Corona crisis. He encouraged us to cope with the circumstances arising out of the lock down which is commendable. He said that the restrictions that were imposed during the lockdown are now gradually being relaxed, but the threat of Corona virus still looms large. We shall have to continue taking precautions. Gradually we will get rid of this crisis. The need is to maintain self-discipline and we must work with restraint and patience. He said that a new culture is going to be born after this crisis. It is our responsibility to work to give a new direction to the development of India through self-motivation with our ability and capacity.

Lauding women, students and citizens of the country, he said that the speed with which these people have made masks and other essential products to face Corona has increased our confidence towards self-reliance. He said that our history is witness to the fact that we have been protecting our self-esteem and culture even under adverse circumstances. The countrymen have set an example before the world by following self-discipline, expert opinion and the advice of the Prime Minister, because the only way to prevent infection among such a large population was to stay home and protect themselves, which was followed by the people.

In the webinar, former Vice Chancellor of Rewa, Chitrakoot and Shimla University, Shri A.D.N. Vajpayee, while presenting his concept on the subject of indigenous self-reliance and nationalism, said that in the time of crisis arising due to the Corona infection, we shall have to make an appeal to the Prime Minister for self-reliance and implement the schemes. For this, we have to develop our production keeping in mind the regional characteristics by adopting indigenous practices.

We shall have to deliver our products to other countries as well, so that the country can move towards economic self-sufficiency and prosperity.

Vice Chancellor of Pandit S.N. Shukla University Prof. Mukesh Tiwari, said in his welcome address that Corona warriors will be honoured in this five-day event, keeping in mind the Corona infection, along with meditation, hygiene and Public Health, government schemes and discussion with media.

Convenor of the event, Dr. Manisha Tiwari said that all the students of the university will be involved in the five-day event and will benefit from it. University professor Dr. Karunesh Jha proposed the vote of thanks.

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