This International Yoga Day, Ishan Shivanand, a Himalayan monk brings to India the secrets of ancient yoga combined with the latest cognitive therapies to give us ‘Yoga of Immortals’

Gurugram : This International Yoga Day, Ishan Shivanand, a Himalayan monk turned corporate trainer, brings to India the secrets of the ancient yoga combined with the latest cognitive therapies to give us Yoga of Immortals. The theme ‘Yoga for Humanity’ which will be organized in India and across the globe with a focus on how yoga is serving humanity is in line with Ishan Shivanand’s innovative and powerful ‘Yoga of Immortals’. His Wellness Programs help people access the urgent need for mental wellness, behavioral and mental healthcare that can help us to not just to let go of the stress, but also amplify success and happiness through mastery of the mind.


The mental state of Indians and need of a different approach to Mental Health & Wellness: While the rest of the world invests 5-18% of their GDP into mental health, India invests only 0.8%.  Mental Health plummeted to all-time lows. in 2020, there were 76.2M cases of anxiety disorders and 53.2M more cases of major depressive disorders. With 153K+ suicides, the rate of suicides increased by YoY in 2020. Of this there was a 35% impact on the daily wage earners, housewives and unemployed.


At 29%, India has the second highest number of employees dealing with corporate burnout. Nearly one third of employees in India have experienced symptoms of burnout. The WHO has estimated India’s economic loss due to mental health to be ~ $1.03 trillion (75.84 L Cr) between 2012 to 2030, part of which was worsened by the pandemic.


What is Yoga of Immortals? Yoga of Immortals is an ancient, research backed set of powerful protocols developed by a Himalayan monk Ishan Shivanand, backed by neuroscientists, and practiced by the world’s leading CEOs, executives, athletes, and performers today. Yoga of Immortals aims to help you get access to affordable behavioural and mental healthcare that can help you not just let go of the stress, anxiety, depression, trauma, or insomnia but also help you amplify the success, happiness, and abundance in your life through mastery of the mind.


As nearly a third of the country’s population suffers from burnout symptoms, a figure that has been exacerbated by the pandemic, Ishan’s YOI programs have not only helped address rising cases of professional burnout, but they have also helped healthcare organizations support the mental well-being of the many frontline healthcare workers.


Ishan Shivanand has also conducted study with approximately 10,000 people from varied backgrounds during a time when much of the globe was seeking mental treatment. The study, conducted in collaboration with medical institutions in the United States – the University of Cincinnati and John Hopkins University School of Medicine, had promising finds. It discovered that nonpharmaceutical therapies and yogic routines delivered via digital platforms resulted in an 82% reduction and normalisation of sleep patterns, a 77% increase in quality of life, a 72% reduction in depression symptoms, and a 75% decrease in generalised anxiety.


Ishan Shivanand achieves exceptional results by combining old and modern approaches to teach professionals at the body, mind, and heart levels. While Ishan’s focus is on grooming and developing the individual mentally, physically, and emotionally, organisations are also educated on how to create a work environment that fosters creativity and innovation, of its employees, by assisting them in accessing their subconscious mind and tapping into their hidden potential. 


This International Yoga Day let us pledge to serve the humanity with our ancient Yogic techniques.