This is how Atmashakti’s MissionRahat campaign is helping distressed and stranded families during COVID 19 in Noida and parts of UP

Noida:  In a time when India’s 90% of Indian workforce working in the informal sector face an uncertain future without food and basic amenities, voluntary organization Atmashakti Trust has come forward to help people in distress especially from rag picker’s families and migrant labourers who have faced the worst hit of the pandemic.
In a single day, the Trust has offered dry food rations to 127 families of Sector-49 of Noida and Salarpur area (Sector-81) for the needy who had no other options but to deal with hunger. The people were supplied each 15 kgs of wheat, 2 kgs of pulses and a half kg of salt.
The lockdown has put these families of daily labourers, rag pickers and migrant workers in immense trouble as neither can they go outside to work, nor they can arrange food.
“Many such families are being identified and dry food rations have been provided from our organization,” says Ms Ruchi Kashyap, Executive Trustee of Atmashakti Trust.
Due to the pandemic situation, thousands of such rag-pickers, migrant labourers and daily wage labourer’s families are starving and desperate for food to survive. Our team is at the ground to see who are the most vulnerable and supporting with dry food rations at least to spare till the lockdown removed. As a civil society organization, we can’t allow these people to starve. Rather, we should support as many people as we can in this trying times when these people need us the most, adds Ms Kashyap.
Under #MissionRahat campaign, over 9000 thousand COVID-19 families have been so far helped with dry rations in Noida region and Ghaziabad district of Uttar Pradesh.