This Teachers’ Day, Luminous Power Technologies launches the #KnowledgeKaGhar campaign

~The campaign is an ode to all the teachers who were always there for their students in these unprecedented times~


New Delhi: Celebrating the occasion of Teachers’ Day, Luminous Power Technologies launches an emotionally evocative campaign #KnowledgeKaGhar to thank teachers for their tireless commitment towards ensuring that the students continue to learn seamlessly even during these unprecedented times.


Conceptualized by 82.5 Communications, the campaign sends out an open letter to all our teachers, thanking them for their relentless efforts to make education accessible to students through innovative virtual teaching methods. While teachers’ roles have always been unique, they have become much more so in these times as they have gone above and beyond to shift online and create teaching approaches to cope with the new normal, even while all schools, colleges and coaching centres were closed.


Ruchika Gupta, Chief Marketing Officer, Luminous Power Technologies says, “Teachers have always been, and will continue to be, the core of a student’s life. With this campaign, we take the opportunity to recognize and honor them for their undying devotion towards relearning and adapting to the changing environment to ensure that students continue receiving a quality education.”


Preeta Mathur, Group Creative Director – 82.5 Communications, Delhi said, “Teachers have been revered since time immemorial. But the last one and a half years have made the world love the teachers even more. In the new normal they seamlessly left behind the old school and adopted the new way and the education of the students continued. This Teacher’s Day, our film about an open letter from the students is our tribute to all the patience and perseverance of all the wonderful teachers.”


Chandana Agarwal, President, North—82.5 Communications said, “Life is such a great teacher, and the past year has taught us many lessons. However, we wanted the teachers’ day to be about gratitude to teachers specifically. They have made a herculean effort in keeping the kids engaged and in a learning mode, they reinvented the teaching methodology and taught us more than the lessons in the syllabi. We felt that an honest thank you from the students themselves is an earnest way to express the emotion we all feel towards teachers, after all, they made our homes #knowledgekaghar”



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