Thousands of Cambridge International students in India overcome the challenges of the pandemic to receive their March series results today

New Delhi : Cambridge International, the largest provider of international education for 5 to 19-year-olds globally and across India, has announced the results of its March 2021 exam series today.


Despite the challenges that the pandemic has brought to many schools, students and their families in India during the past year, more than 7300 students received their Cambridge IGCSE and Cambridge International AS & A Level results today.


This year Cambridge International took the decision to run exams for its March series in India, as the majority of Cambridge schools across the country said they wanted to hold exams where it was safe to do so and followed Government guidance. In total more than 52,000 entries were submitted for Cambridge IGCSEs and Cambridge International AS & A Levels by almost 336 schools across the country.


Cambridge International engaged with education authorities, the government, local authorities and schools to develop robust guidance to ensure the March series ran safely.


The release of today’s results means that thousands of Cambridge students across the country, can continue their educational journeys as soon as possible despite the COVID-19 pandemic. The March series is popular with Indian students as it enables them to get their results in time to meet local university admission deadlines.


Mahesh Srivastava, Regional Director, South Asia, Cambridge International said: “I would like to congratulate all of our students on their results today. Each has overcome difficult times and many challenges as a result of the pandemic, including school closures and teaching and learning from home. I hope all of our students receiving their results today will now be able to continue with their next steps, whether that is further study or launching their career.”


“The March exam series this year was successfully conducted thanks to the fantastic support and efforts of all our Cambridge schools, teachers and parents. Today’s results are the outcome of the hard work of all involved during these difficult times, and I hope they will give students and their teachers the encouragement to continue achieving great things.”


Sravani Rao, Principal, Delhi Public School International, Saket, New Delhi, said: “The world of education has faced many a crisis due to the pandemic. Even under these adverse circumstances, Cambridge International has been very well organised and has conducted all of its exams as per schedule and without any problems. The students have greatly benefited from the predictability of the format of the exams, the schedule and the publication of results, as this has been of great value at a time when everything seemed unsettled. It has given them the advantage of adhering to their plans for applying to colleges and making future plans.


“The biggest challenge this academic year has been the changeover to online teaching and assessments. Our teachers have adapted very quickly to the change and have been ably supported by the online training programmes conducted by Cambridge International and all the support materials they have provided. Where online teaching has been quite effective, online assessments have not yet evolved in the same seamless manner. The advantage of holding physical exams has been immense to both students and teachers, and they have been conducted to the high standards of Cambridge.”


Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, First Language English and Biology were the most popular Cambridge IGCSE subjects in the March exam series this year. For Cambridge International AS & A Level, Mathematics, English General paper, Physics, Chemistry and Economics emerged as the most popular subjects.


More than 500 schools across India offer Cambridge programmes and qualifications to their students. The Cambridge Pathway curriculum offers flexibility and choice to students and schools, with over 70 subjects available at Cambridge IGCSE and over 55 subjects offered at Cambridge International AS & A Level, and a choice of three exam series each year.

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