Three-day national seminar concludes at Indira Gandhi Manva Sangrahalaya

Bhopal : Tribal Welfare Minister Shri Omkar Singh Markam took part in the concluding session of the three-day national seminar focusing on tribal language, culture and overall development at Indira Gandhi Manav Sangrahalaya in Bhopal today. Shri Markam said that today the whole world is facing the crisis of global warming and increasing pollution. At such a time, the lesson of environmental protection can be taken from the tribal community because the tribal community is more close to nature. He also released two books focussed on the development of tribals on the occasion.

Minister Shri Markam said that the all-round development of the tribals is possible only through educatiuon. The state government is making constant efforts in this direction. He said that we also have to keep in mind that in the race for development, our young generation do not drift away from their traditions. Minister Shri Markam said that any society can be fully developed only when the women of that society and community are provided with equal opportunities for development. The Tribal Welfare Minister said that the conclusions drawn from mutual discussions in the national seminar will be used in the planning and policy-making of the tribal community.

Social worker from Arunachal Pradesh Sushri Jarjum Atte said in her address at the concluding session that the security of the country can be strengthened only in an atmosphere of communal harmony. He urged to resolve community cases on priority under Forest Rights Act in Madhya Pradesh in the interest of tribal communities. Dr. Abhay Khakha of Adivasi Bharat Samanvay Manch said that the national seminar was attended by representatives of 21 tribal communities from 16 states.These representatives held discussion on 9 subjects including education, health, language, culture of tribal community. Tribal Welfare Minister Shri Markam read the Bhopal manifesto amidst the representatives at the concluding session.