Three ERC Consolidator Grants to DTU researchers

DTU researchers receive three out of nine Danish Consolidator Grants from the European Research Council.

327 researchers from all over the world have received EUR 655 million for ground-breaking and high-risk independent research in connection with the awarding of the Consolidator Grants from the European Research Council (ERC).

Denmark has received a total of nine of these Consolidator Grants. Four grants go to University of Copenhagen, two to Aarhus University and three, then, to DTU. The individual researcher typically receives EUR 2 million for independent research for up to five years.

The recipients from DTU are:

Associate Professor Jakob Kibsgaard from DTU Physics.

He receives two million Euro (approx. DKK 14.9 million) for the project ‘Discovering New Dual and Triple Atom Catalysts’, where he enters a largely unexplored area and has to research catalysts with only two or three atoms. This should lead to more so-called “Dream Reactions”, which can help to ensure that the transition to sustainable energy has greater impact.

Read more about Jakob Kibsgaard’s grant (article in Danish).

Associate Professor Nika Akopian from DTU Fotonik.

He receives 2.6 million. Euro (approx. DKK 19.4 million) for the project ‘Multi-Qubit Photonic Devices’. The project focuses on researching a new type of quantum structures – so-called crystal phase quantum dots – which have the unique ability that they can be used to produce quantum devices with ultimate accuracy in a single atomic layer. With this technique, it will be possible to build quantum devices with several quantum dots, which will be groundbreaking in quantum technology and have an impact on e.g. the development of the quantum internet.

Read more about Nika Akopian’s grant.

Group leader and lecturer Leticia Hosta-Rigau from DTU Health Technology.

She receives two million. Euro (approx. DKK 14.9 million) for the project ‘A Modular Approach to Multifunctional Red Blood Cell Mimics’.