Three JECRC-Incubated Startups receive MeitY grant of Rs 1 crore

New Delhi: Three startups incubated by JECRC Incubation Centre (JIC) won Rs 1 crore scale-up grant from the Government of India’s Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY). The startups, including a Jaipur-based startup, Puaerte Visual, received the MeitY scale-up grant of Rs 1 crore that were incubated at the Jaipur Engineering College and Research Centre’s (JECRC) Incubation Centre under the Technology Incubation and Development of Entrepreneurs (TIDE) 2.0, a startup investment support initiative by MeitY.
A total of 172 applications of startups were submitted to MeitY Startup Hub (MSH) by 28 incubation centres across the country, including three applications from JECRC Incubation Centre startups. The startups had to go through intense and exhaustive rounds of evaluation. After two rounds, all three of the JIC startups were shortlisted and ultimately received a total scale-up grant of Rs 1 crore between them.
Arpit Agarwal, Director, JECRC Foundation, said, “The scale-up grant will help nurture the entrepreneurial talent of the country. This achievement is a testament to the fact that students’ hard work, passion and perseverance can make them go a long way. JECRC will be there with these startups in all their phases and continue to extend support in whichever way possible,”
Puaerte Visual is a do-it-yourself platform along with a simple dashboard that creates virtual environments for organisations in less than 30 minutes while Cargo Exchange is an end-to-end logistics intelligence platform driving value in supply chains through digitization and optimization. Aloe-Ecell strives to solve the problem of hazardous batteries by creating the world’s first non-hazardous and eco-friendly 1.5V AA size batteries made from aloe vera.
Dheemant Agrawal, CEO, JIC, said “the centre creates an ecosystem that makes all startups and budding entrepreneurs market-ready. Technology is the future of education and all incubation centres should focus on honing and nurturing the untapped talent of the country,”

JIC is recognized by MeitY, Government of India, amongst the only 20 Group 2 Centre (G2C) in India. For more than three years, JIC has been actively providing a conducive startup ecosystem to assist aspiring students and entrepreneurs in scaling and accelerating the growth of their market-ready startups.
JECRC encourages students to develop extracurricular activities and hone their talents through the incubation centre and techno-cultural clubs which provides all necessary resources and acts as a catalyst for the students’ dreams and ideas towards fruition.


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