Times Professional Learning launches DATA JEDI – a suite of learning programs on AI, BI, ML & DL for corporates

Mumbai : Times Professional Learning launched their signature programme, DATA JEDI, a comprehensive suite of Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Business Intelligence, Machine and Deep Learning training services to enhance an organisation’s data analytical capabilities and create a data-driven culture for achieving desired business outcomes.

DATA JEDI was launched during the webinar that comprised of renowned industry leaders – Mr. Rahul Lodhe, Senior Director for SAP Artificial Intelligence, Mr. Rajesh Chandiramani, Senior VP & Global Head, Tech Mahindra, Mr. Anil Santhapuri, Director L&D, CGI, and Mr. Pavan Kumar Mangu, Director L&D, Fiserv, who shared their insights during their discussion on ‘Actionable Insights from Data Analysis: Upskilling workforce on Analytics, BI & Automation.’

DATA JEDI, an initiative of Times Professional Learning aims to train learners across functional roles to leverage the power of data analytics, data visualisation, data modelling, data engineering, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and deep learning to upskill the workforce with data driven attributes to make data-driven decisions to enhance productivity, profitability, competitiveness, and sustainability.

These courses will enable organisations build resource capability facilitating digital transformation and upskilling learners across domains. DATA JEDI focusses on attaining desired business goals by providing technical learning solutions in alignment with the operations of an organisation.

DATA JEDI is offering five curated courses, viz. Business Intelligence Transformation, AI & ML for Everyone, ML & Data Science Essentials, ML & Data Science: Specialised Programmes, and Application-Based ML & DS Programmes. This will help learners identify opportunities and utilise these solutions in the organisations for greater outcomes. The course also offers learners to customise their training programmes to suit their business requirements.

Speaking at the launch of DATA JEDI, Mr. Anish Srikrishna, Chief Executive Officer, Times Professional Learning said, “As we experience the impact of digital and technological transformation across businesses, data driven solutions has been the core in demonstrating its ability in achieving key goals and driving critical decisions. At Times Professional Learning, we are building resources to cater to diverse data solution needs across public and private sectors by creating seamless processes, improving organisation’s efficiency, and outcomes. Our customised solutions can bring in transformational changes and can be scaled up depending on customer needs.”


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