Tips on How to Make the Best Use of Mock Tests For GATE Preparation


Attempting the Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering is quite big a deal as the task of mastering an entire course of Engineering (about 30 undergraduate subjects) in a three hour test requires a lot of efforts. The degree of competition is very intense and one requires 99 percentile and more to secure a seat in M.Tech or M.E degree in their preferred IIT or IIS.

To make the candidates familiar to the paper pattern of GATE, mock tests are conducted. These tests serve as a drill which are conducted right before the exam and provide the idea to the candidates of what they should expect in the main exam, helps them in boosting their confidence, and in some cases help the candidates to highlight the areas in which they are weak. In all, these are good indicators providing a true insight to the candidates of their ability and possibility to crack the exam.

Under this article, we are going to talk about how you can optimally utilize these mock test to prepare well for GATE Examination. In the very first place, it is important for you to know that GATE exam requires you to solve multiple subjective questions at one time, so it is not necessary to prepare subject wise. To appear in a mock test, make sure that you are done with studying an iteration of everything. This will help you to take the full length mock tests effectively.

Remember the following points when you are attempting a mock test:

  1. Don’t live under an impression that attempting countless mock tests will help you in cracking the main exam. It will simply tarnish your abilities. Thus, attempt one test a week with full awareness and preparation.
  2. Always attempt the mock test by creating an examination environment. This will help you in getting familiar to appear in the main exam.
  3. Attempting to solve a mock test does not only means practicing. It serves a lot of other purposes like: stimulating strategies to solve the questions, getting familiar to the type of questions in the question paper, getting over committing silly mistakes etc. Eventually, you get prepared from all aspects for the main exam while attempting the mock tests.
  4. Mock tests also help you in being aware of the mistakes you have committed ensuring that you don’t commit the same mistake again. Thus, there are lesser chances for you to commit such mistakes in the main exam.
  5. Mock tests help you keep a track of your score over a period of time. Always maintain history of marks you score in different mock tests and compare them. This will enable you to know the rate of progression.
  6. Giving mock test with full awareness helps you in attempting the main exam with same level of alertness. Thus, helping you to score well by committing less mistakes in the main exam.
  7. Try to attempt the mock test in a set period of time. This will help you prepare to sit for that period of time during the main exam without getting exhausted.
  8. Mock tests help you find a variety of important question papers. These question may also have a possibility of coming in the main exam. Thus, these might add to your score in the main exam.
  9. These tests helps you in improving the accuracy, speed, and time management skills. Thus, you will be able to answer all the questions with required efficiency in the main exam.
  10. Last but not the least, you get a real time experience by attempting the mock tests. This experience help you comfortably attempt the main exam.

Thus, if you are planning to take the GATE examination in the coming session, you may consider attempting the mock tests. These will assist you in preparing for the main exam in the best possible ways.