To promote fitness: Ahmedabad based Udgam & Zebar School will reward the ‘losers’ during Diwali

Ahmedabad: How to make your child health conscious? Do you want to motivate your child to reduce weight? Ahmedabad based Udgam School For Children and Zebar School For Children ( have come up with a unique initiative to achieve such objectives. The schools have launched an initiative ‘Biggest Loser Will Win’ contest wherein the student who lose maximum weight during the Diwali vacation will get exciting health gifts like FitBit Smartwatch and SatvaRas cold-pressed juice vouchers.

Speaking on this initiative, Mr. Manan Choksi, Executive Director, Udgam School For Children and Zebar School For Children said “While checking the health records of students, we had noticed that over 40% of their students were either overweight or obese. Such conditions may lead to dire health consequences, such as diabetes, heart disorder, etc. in the long run. To encourage and motivate our students, we have introduced the ‘Biggest Loser will Win’ Contest.”

To participate in this contest, the parents have to measure their child’s BMI through standard calculation or on the Udgam Connection/Zebar Connection apps and if he/she is overweight, they may register for the ‘Biggest Loser will Win Contest’. Students may contact their class teachers for a simple registration. The eligibility criteria for this contest (apart from the fact that the child should be overweight or obese) is that the age should be 10 years and above. In total, 3,800 students are eligible for this contest amongst the total strength of 7,200 students from both the schools.

Top three participants who will reduce maximum weight till 12th November 2019 (When the school will reopen post-Diwali vacation) will receive a premium ‘FitBit Ace” it is a fitness band especially for children. Students who will not gain any weight will also receive attractive vouchers from SatvaRas 100% natural cold-press juice vouchers. However, parents must ensure that children don’t skip their meals, instead eat a healthy, balanced diet and do physical activities. In order to lose weight, students may engage in sports, run, do brisk walking daily, exercise, do skipping and avoid junk food.

“We are dedicated to guiding our students towards a healthy lifestyle as only with proper health, education will become truly meaningful and the future will be bright. In vacation we have observed children gain maximum weight and hence we brought this contest to ensure that children are weight conscious. We also appealed to all the parents to encourage their overweight or obese children to take part in this contest”, added Mr. Choksi.