Tohoku University: All Extracurricular Activities to be Suspended Again


The Education and Student Support Department has announced that all student extracurricular activities will be suspended again from December 29 to January 17. This includes all sports, culture and volunteer activities. Campus facilities such as gyms, courts and activity rooms will also be closed.

If a club has already committed to an upcoming tournament, the club should consult with the Student Support Department’s Activities Support Section immediately on whether to proceed.

The university is aware that this is disappointing news for many students, but it is a necessary precaution due to the multiple cases of CODIV-19 infection on campus this week.

When activities resumed over four phases this fall, the guidelines stated that all activities will be suspended again if there are multiple cases of infection on campus or if the university decides it is not safe to continue, even if the BCP level remains unchanged.

The rise in COVID-19 cases across Japan is also affecting Sendai City and medical services in Miyagi prefecture are stretched almost to the limit. There is concern that if cases continue to rise, there may not be enough resources to treat patients.

The university asks that all students, faculty and staff cooperate and do their part to keep themselves and our community safe.


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