Tohoku University: Easing of Restrictions and Resumption of Student Group Activities

As the number of COVID-19 cases in Sendai has been relatively low these last couple of months, the university is further easing restrictions on the participation of extracurricular activities and competitions.

Until now, students wishing to participate in activities, such as sporting competitions, joint-practices, concerts and volunteer work, were required to apply 60 days in advance to the university for permission, with details of the activity and the infection prevention measures that will be taken.

From November 22, students will still need to submit advance notification and detailed plans, but permission from the university will no longer be required for participation.

As such, the University will not be responding to applications (including those that have already been submitted), unless there are questions or insufficient COVID-19 infection prevention measures described in the submitted plan.

Examples of insufficient measures include venues with poor ventilation, multiple people sharing a room and/or not wearing a mask while talking, singing etc. Should there be doubt about the safety of the event, someone from the Student Support Division will be in touch.

And as more activities resume, changing rooms and shower facilities will also be reopened.

The facilities at the Kawauchi Gymnasium and the Kawauchi Sub-Arena are currently reserved for women; while men can use the showers at Kawauchi Hall. The showers and changing rooms on the 4th floor of Kawauchi Hall are for pool users only.