Tokyo Institute of Technology: Gifts ensure sakura on Ookayama Campus for future generations

Fresh cherry blossom saplings were planted on Ookayama Campus on March 12 after the completion of the Tokyo Tech Fund Sakura Rejuvenation campaign. Gifts from 513 generous friends of the Institute between April and October 2020 ensured that the magnificent sakura trees, a unique symbol of Tokyo Tech, will continue to bring joy to students, faculty, staff, and members of the public for many years to come.

The sixteen aged Somei Yoshino cherry blossom trees in front of the Main Building were donated to Tokyo Tech by alumni in 1950. After being cherished by campusgoers and maintained carefully for over 70 years, these trees began to show signs of deterioration several years ago. According to a professional arborist, a revitalization plan was required. The gifts received during the Sakura Rejuvenation campaign — totaling JPY10,987,000 — were used to provide much needed care for these trees, and to plant new trees among the old ones.

Joining the ground-breaking ceremony on March 12 were President Kazuya Masu, Executive Vice President for Institute Strategy Isao Satoh, Vice President for Public Engagement Shigeru Hioki, and members of several local associations from neighborhoods around Ookayama Campus.

On March 30, just as the surrounding cherry blossoms were in full bloom, a monument containing the names of all campaign donors was also unveiled.

Each spring for over seven decades, Tokyo Tech’s cherry blossoms have transformed Ookayama Campus into a stunning landscape that is eternalized in the minds of all who witness it. Generous support from the Tokyo Tech community has secured the continuity of this legacy for future generations.

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