Tokyo Institute of Technology: Management team encourages public dialogue following release of first integrated report

Tokyo Institute of Technology Integrated Report 2021 was created to promote the Institute’s ongoing reforms as a leading science and technology university while encouraging open dialogue with the public. To exchange opinions with the Institute’s diverse stakeholders and explain in detail the growth and co-creation strategies highlighted in the report, President Kazuya Masu held a public briefing on March 9, 2022.

Masu spoke about specific strategies to promote open innovation and connect the evolving needs of companies with the unique resources of Tokyo Tech. The president also explained the Cross-Campus Innovation Ecosystem, an Institute-wide plan that aims to facilitate organic collaboration and progressive networks between industry, academia, and government while mobilizing people, finances, and new knowledge within this ecosystem.

During the Q&A session, joined by over 300 participants, Masu and Executive Vice President for Research Osamu Watanabe responded to a broad range of questions on topics such as co-creation strategies, collaborative activities with industry, and Tokyo Tech’s definition of growth as a university. The lively discussions engaged a large number of participants from both inside and outside the Institute, suggesting that public expectations regarding Tokyo Tech’s role and ability to create impact remain high.

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