Tokyo Institute of Technology: My Tokyo Tech video series offers glimpses into student life

Tokyo Tech Admissionsouter has recently launched My Tokyo Techouter, a video series in English that introduces to prospective students various aspects of student life at the Institute and in Japan’s capital.

These videos feature international students studying at Tokyo Tech, and cover various topics such as research life, dormitories, life on campus and in Japan, and other topics that may interest those who wish to study at Tokyo Tech in the future.

Research Life
Joshua Chon at Hitosugi & Shimizu Lab
This video introduces Joshua, his research environment at the Hitosugi & Shimizu Laboratoryouter, and his close relationship with his academic advisor at Tokyo Tech. The clip provides a glimpse of the leading researchers, latest research equipment, and active laboratory life that Tokyo Tech offers.

Dormitory Life
These videos introduce the two new dormitories near Tokyo Tech’s Ookayama Campus – Midorigaoka House for men and Senzokuike House for women. Both offer outstanding facilities in convenient locations, ensuring that students enjoy their home away from home.

Midorigaoka House (Men’s dormitory)

This video introduces three students living in Midorigaoka House. Designed by Tokyo Tech Professors Koichi Yasuda and Toru Takeuchi, this stylish dorm, equipped with private rooms and shared kitchens, dining areas, and other spaces, opened on Ookayama Campus in September 2017.

Senzokuike House (Women’s dormitory)

This video introduces three students living in Senzokuike House. Located in a quiet residential area close to the beautiful Senzokuike pond and park, this dorm is just a 10-minute walk from Ookayama Campus. Senzokuike House opened in April 2017.

Student Life 
This category of videos introduces bakeries, cafes, noodle shops, parks, and other spots favored by current students around Ookayama Campus. The clips help prospective students get a feel for the nearby areas.

Favorites around Ookayama Campus – Senzokuike Park

In this video, Tokyo Tech student Jerome shows us around Senzokuike Park near Ookayama Campus. The park is a great place to take a walk, go jogging, or just feel at one with nature after hours of study or research.

Favorites around Ookayama Campus – Bakeries

In this video, Tokyo Tech student Fai shows us some of the bakeries around Ookayama Campus. The Ookayama area has become somewhat famous for its many great bakeries, which are loved by both locals and Tokyo Tech students.

Favorites around Ookayama Campus – Cafes

In this clip, Tokyo Tech student Jerome brings you to his favorite cafe near Ookayama Campus, and introduces a few other great places to take a break after a long day of study or research.

Favorites around Ookayama Campus – Ramen shops

Ramen noodle shops are very popular among Tokyo Tech students, who receive various special services such as extra toppings at many of the Ookayama restaurants. In this video, Tokyo Tech student Yang-Shing takes us to one his favorite eateries.