Tokyo Institute of Technology: New Year’s card workshop offers students much-needed social activity

Thirty-eight participants joined an in-person New Year’s card workshop on November 30, providing Tokyo Tech students with some important social activity after a long period of online-only events. While taking appropriate measures against the potential spread of infection, participants were split into two separate sessions due to heightened interest in the workshop.

The popular New Year’s card workshop has been held annually for many years, but went on hiatus due to COVID-19. To ensure social distancing, this year’s event was held in two different rooms. The rooms were also connected virtually so that participants in one room could observe activities in the other via a large monitor and communicate with their peers. Faculty from the Japanese Section of the Institute for Liberal Arts (ILA) were present in both rooms.

To kick things off, participants first created stamps from erasers. Students carefully carved out original pictures, characters, the Tokyo Tech Seal, tigers to represent the year 2022, and other unique creations that would later decorate their cards. Some students created incredible details, receiving praise from their fellow participants.

Once the stamps were completed, they were used to create original New Year’s cards and greeting cards. Students enjoyed stamping each other’s cards, carefully writing messages to their loved ones in their home countries, and teaching each other how to express New Year’s greetings in different languages.

To create a pleasant memory of the fun afternoon, the participants finished the event with group photos in their classrooms and outside West Building 1 on Ookayama Campus.

Comments from students after event
I enjoyed creating eraser stamps for the first time, but most of all, I enjoyed speaking with international students. Compared to our online discussions, I think we were able to talk more and understand each other better in person. Thank you very much.
It was fun to try a new thing and make a New Year’s card with our own stamp.
This was lots of fun and I hope to do it again next year!