Tokyo Institute of Technology: President Masu speaks at Tsinghua University 110th anniversary event

President Kazuya Masu spoke at Global Forum of University Presidents 2021, an online event held in celebration of the 110th anniversary of Tsinghua University, a Tokyo Tech partner university in China.

Themed “Innovate for the Future: Vision and New Mission of Universities,” the forum was held from April 19 to 24, 2021. Masu was an invited speaker for the session on Global University Leadership on April 23.

Speaking on the “Role of a University as an Innovation Driver and the Responsibilities of its President,” Masu reflected on the founding philosophy of Tokyo Tech, noting that the Institute’s mission of contributing to society by producing breakthrough research achievements and nurturing innovators continues today. He continued, “I believe the essential functions of a university as an innovation driver are not only advancing research but also fostering leaders of society and promoting communication with society.”

“As president of Japan’s leading national science and technology university, I believe our responsibility is to foster individuals who are equipped not only with highly specialized skills but also broader knowledge of the social sciences and humanities on which to base a deep understanding of how society works and how people think,” said Masu.

Touching on the extension of the Institute’s liberal arts curriculum through the doctoral level and the establishment of Tokyo Tech’s Laboratory for Design of Social Innovation in Global Networks (DLab), Masu described the Institute’s platforms to encourage students to connect their knowledge and expertise to social and global issues and to communicate with society. In closing, the president urged fellow university presidents to join together in providing students with opportunities to collaborate, exchange ideas and create a better future together.

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