Tokyo Institute of Technology: Reversi! Tokyo Tech Festival 2021 held online

Tokyo Tech Festival 2021 was successfully held online on October 30 and 31, bringing the famous event back after a three-year break. The festival had to be canceled in 2019 due to a massive typhoon, and again in 2020 due to the coronavirus outbreak. This year’s festival theme was Reversi!, which referred to the Tokyo Tech community’s attempt to turn the tables against adversity and make a strong comeback in 2021.

To encourage virtual visitors to join, projects and events created by Tokyo Tech’s student clubs and laboratories were launched sequentially from October 6 onwards on the official Japanese Tokyo Tech Festival websiteouter. Between October 25 and 31, the website registered approximately 40,000 pageviews. Song and dance performances, Tokyo Tech Contest 2021, and lectures by the Institute’s faculty were streamed live on the festival’s Japanese YouTube channelouter on October 30 and 31. In the two days that followed the festival, some of these archived artistic performances were viewed over 5,000 times.

In addition to archived events from the festival itself, the Tokyo Tech Festival YouTube channel also includes a range of other videos on topics such as Tokyo Tech exam questions and weekend routines of a Tokyo Tech student.