Tokyo Institute of Technology: Student club exhibition at Ookayama Library for sixth straight year

The Tokyo Tech Art Club held their sixth annual exhibition at the Ookayama Library from January 7 to 13, 2021.

Together with other student club members, the Institute’s artists have held exhibitions at “the cheesecake” since 2016. This year, however, the event was scaled down to Tokyo Tech Art Club works only due to the pandemic.

This year’s exhibit showcased seven works made with various tools such as pens, water colors, digital art software. While the number of students on campus has dropped due to COVID-19, we were pleasantly surprised by the amount of visitors. This was the first time for first-year students to experience the exhibit, and we received various comments on the individuality and ambitious nature of the pieces.

Third-year students like myself will soon be retiring from leading roles in the club as we join labs to focus on our research. Despite this change, I hope to continue with my creative activities and aim to contribute to making the next exhibition a fruitful one.

Unfortunately, members of the public were not allowed on campus, but students and staff attended the exhibition. The post-event questionnaire included a number of positive comments not only about the works themselves, but also about the opportunity connect with students through extracurricular activities.

Photo Club exhibition posters
Photo Club exhibition poster

This year, the Tokyo Tech Photo Club exhibit was planned for January 19 to 31, but was cancelled due to the announcement of a state of emergency in the Tokyo metropolitan area in January. The club did manage to publish the exhibition posters they had created beforehand.

While continuing to prioritize safety and wellbeing, the Tokyo Tech Library continues to support extracurricular projects while providing a tranquil atmosphere where students continue to learn.