Tokyo Institute of Technology: Student Survey 2020 proposal presented to president

Student staff submitted the results of the 2020 Student Survey, together with a proposal based on these results, to Tokyo Tech President Kazuya Masu on March 31. A total of 2,982 students — a new record high — completed the survey, which was carried out online from June 22 to July 22, 2020.

The Tokyo Tech Student Survey, an inquiry conducted every other year, provides all the Institute’s students with an opportunity to express their opinions on topics such as curriculum content, campus services, and study and extracurricular facilities. The 2020 survey was the eighth time student staff members conducted the poll. They gathered information from across the Institute, analyzed the data, and held discussions with relevant administrative groups since 2019, after which they put together a proposal for desired improvements at the Institute.

This proposal was presented and explained to Masu and Executive Vice President Tetsuya Mizumoto at a meeting at Hisao & Hiroko Taki Plaza in late March. Four student staff representatives enthusiastically outlined their key points, after which Masu explained the Institute’s stance regarding each of these points and shared with the students a brief roadmap of Tokyo Tech’s future.

Unlike in past years, the Student Survey staff had to conduct most of their preparations online due to restrictions imposed by COVID-19. Despite the additional obstacles, the group compiled a feasible proposal that will be shared with all students, staff, and faculty. The proposal will also be submitted to members of Tokyo Tech’s Education and Research Council, who deliberate on important education-related matters at the Institute. The proposal can be viewed at the Tokyo Tech Library or online.

Hiroki Yoshida
3rd year, Physics

The 2020 Student Survey was conducted over a one-month period in June and July 2020, just as coronavirus infections were spreading in Japan. At that time, students could not even set foot on campus, and were forced to take classes online in a distance learning environment. Under such circumstances, I believe the survey played a particularly important role in conveying students’ honest opinions. Therefore, while putting together this proposal, the entire survey staff thought that it was necessary to stay well connected with both the executive team and the students of Tokyo Tech.

By participating in the creation of this proposal, I learned the importance of collaboration even in difficult situations. I believe my experiences will be very important in my future research life.

We hope that this proposal will help Tokyo Tech become more united and move in a better direction in these turbulent times.

Main suggestions based on Student Survey 2020
Enhancement and expansion of liberal arts courses in doctoral program to better meet student needs
Adjustment of timing of students’ affiliation with laboratories, including early affiliation system
Correction of grade disparity between classes, disclosure of grade distribution and lecture survey results
Enabling bachelor’s degree students to study minor subjects
Introduction of auditing system for online classes allowing students to take classes without credit
Improved smoking areas and promotion of smoke-free campus, notification of current measures that encourage smokers to quit
Development of official Tokyo Tech app that provides timetables, lecture information, etc.
Development of online unified lost-and-found system that can be accessed on and off campus
Continuation and expansion of library book system, including borrow and return by mail
Summary of opinions related to COVID-19
Summary of opinions regarding each Department

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