Tokyo Institute of Technology: Tokyo Tech and Minato City conclude basic partnership agreement

Tokyo Tech and Tokyo’s Minato City concluded a basic partnership agreement on December 13 with the goal of further developing local communities and advancing academic research collaborations.

The two parties have already been working together on a number of initiatives, which include the participation of expert Tokyo Tech faculty members in Minato City meetings and the participation of Tokyo Tech High School of Science and Technology students in Minato City’s community projects. The December 2021 agreement reinforces this mutual trust and commitment to share resources and networks, advance regional revitalization, develop business activities, and promote new educational activities and academic research.

Overview of main areas of collaboration
Advancement of regional revitalization
Participation by Tokyo Tech High School of Science and Technology in local projects, sharing of Tokyo Tech knowledge in Minato City’s initiatives, and other activities to promote regional revitalization
Development of business activities
Partnership between Minato City Industry Promotion Center, opening in April 2022, and Tokyo Tech’s startup support center on Tamachi CampusPDF, sharing of resources to promote various business initiatives
Promotion of educational activities
Sharing of Tokyo Tech’s advanced knowledge in science and technology, collaboration with Minato Science Museum and Minato City’s schools, joint promotion of educational activities

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