Tokyo Institute of Technology: Tokyo Tech-born startup distributes food to students in need

CEO Edward Zhang of aurora Co., Ltd., a Tokyo Tech-born startup, led an effort to distribute free food to Tokyo Tech students in need on November 5. With support from the Tokyo Tech Alumni Association and the Student Support Division, the handout took place at the event space in Taki Plaza on Ookayama Campus after Zhang expressed his wish to assist students suffering from the continuing economic effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Overall, 100 two-kg bags of rice and thousands of food items — miso soup, retort-pouch curry, cup noodles, canned food, and snacks — were offered to students on a first-come, first-served basis. The number of students entering the venue had to be limited to ensure safety, but all the food was distributed to approximately 1,100 people in just over three hours.

Five Tokyo Tech students were working part time to help with the event, carrying in items, setting up distribution lines, and organizing the venue. Despite the large number of students who showed up, the event was successfully concluded without any major disruptions.

The handout not only brought real aid to those in serious need, but also lifted the spirits of all those present. “It is wonderful to see lively students gather after such a long period of isolation,” faculty and staff who came to witness the event commented.

The Tokyo Tech community continues to seek ways in which it can work together to support those who need help.

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