Tokyo Institute of Technology: Tokyo Tech creates new faculty positions for women at eight Schools and Institutes

Amidst its efforts to pioneer a new era through continuous dialogue with society and the discovery of hidden possibilities in science and technology, Tokyo Tech aims to create a more inclusive environment where diverse students, faculty, and staff can share their knowledge and maximize their potential.

As part of these efforts, Tokyo Tech has created eight new positions for female associate professors or professors — one at each of its Schools and Institutes — in addition to its existing open faculty positions. This positive action, based on Article 8 of the Act on Securing, Etc. of Equal Opportunity and Treatment between Men and Women in Employment (Equal Employment Opportunity Act), aims to encourage women — a group that remains under-represented in the Tokyo Tech faculty population — to join the community and openly exchange opinions on global issues, seek out solutions to these issues, and create a better future together.

By actively encouraging diversity in education and research, and promoting individual and organizational creativity, Tokyo Tech strives for the creation of new knowledge and value while deepening its dialogue with society.

For more details about these new positions, please refer to the Faculty (female candidates only)(External site) job ad on Tokyo Tech’s Employment Opportunities page.

Message from Tokyo Tech President Kazuya Masu
Inclusion and diversity at Tokyo Tech
As people’s preferences, aims, and paths diversify, the demands placed on science, technology, and academia are also expanding. In order to respond appropriately to these demands, it is extremely important for Tokyo Tech to boost diversity among its students, faculty, staff, and researchers, and to create an environment where everyone can utilize fully their individual characteristics while respecting and embracing the uniqueness of those around them. Tokyo Tech has positioned inclusion and diversity as one of the most important measures in its Action Package, an outline of the Institute’s strategies for realizing a better future. The Institute is determined to address issues of inclusion and diversity proactively together with society.

Despite consistent efforts to enhance the situation, the ratios of international and female faculty members at Tokyo Tech remain low. These figures are not conducive to a virtuous cycle of management that aims to create a motivating environment of knowledge creation through diversity.

To address these shortcomings, Tokyo Tech has utilized its flexible faculty selection process, led by the Institute-wide Personnel Committee, to create one additional female associate professor or professor position at each of its Schools and Institutes — the School of Science, the School of Engineering, the School of Materials and Chemical Technology, the School of Computing, the School of Life Science and Technology, the School of Environment and Society, the Institute for Liberal Arts(External site), and the Institute of Innovative Research(External site). While this may be just a small step towards providing increased opportunities for women in STEM and expanding the collective capabilities of Tokyo Tech academics and researchers, the Institute is fully committed to continuing its efforts in creating a more inclusive, welcoming community for all.