Tokyo Institute of Technology: Tokyo Tech Gender Equal Forum held online

The Tokyo Tech Gender Equal Forum, co-hosted by the Diversity Promotion Office, the Public Engagement Division, and the Taki Plaza Gardeners (TPG) student group, was held online on February 18 to promote gender diversity in science and technology. The event, which brought together over 100 female middle and high school students, business professionals, and other members of the public across Japan, is one channel through which Tokyo Tech encourages diversity and equal opportunity in fields that have traditionally been male dominated.

After opening words from Tokyo Tech President Kazuya Masu, Associate Professor Renge Jibu from the Institute for Liberal Arts kicked off the event with a keynote speech entitled “Gender in popular dramas.” After this, four panelists — all alumnae of Tokyo Tech — held discussions and introduced the progression of their careers since they left the Institute. Jibu facilitated the discussions, while 2nd-year Electrical and Electronic Engineering student Atsunori Sakata, a member of the TPG student group, also joined in to answer a number of questions from the participants tuning in from across the country.

Many participants expressed great satisfaction in the post-event survey, stating that the session not only provided them with an opportunity to learn about the careers of Tokyo Tech alumnae, but also to think more deeply about gender and diversity.

Women remain significantly underrepresented in the fields of science and engineering in Japan, just as in many other regions across the world. Through initiatives such as the Women in Science & Technology Fund, Tokyo Tech continues to create opportunities for future leaders regardless of their gender or background.

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