Tokyo Institute of Technology: Tokyo Tech launches Japanese Architecture and Structural Design MOOC

Tokyo Tech recently launched Japanese Architecture and Structural Designouter, its eleventh massive open online course (MOOC), on the edX platformouter. The course, which examines fundamental and modern approaches to Japanese structural design under the guidance of Tokyo Tech Professor Toru Takeuchi from the School of Environment and Society, has already attracted over 1,000 enrolled learners since its launch in May 2021.

Japanese Architecture and Structural Design uses historical materials and Tokyo Tech campus buildings as case studies to introduce students to various seismic design concepts. The course, which consists of five video lectures, is packed with theory and knowledge to help learners understand how today’s architects can design strong, earthquake-resistant structures without making aesthetic compromises. Students are also treated to unique aerial views of Tokyo Tech structuresouter shot using a drone and expert interviews that highlight the importance of architect-engineer collaborations.

Drone used to capture aerial video footage of Tokyo Tech’s campus buildings
Range of shared knowledge continues to expand
In its efforts to share unique Tokyo Tech knowledge with learners around the world, the Institute continues to expand steadily the range of free online courses offered through the edX platform. To date, more than 100,000 students in over 200 countries and regions have enjoyed the TokyoTechXouter online learning experience.

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