Tokyo Institute of Technology: Welcome Coffee Hours brings together new international students of fall 2021

The Japanese Section of the Institute for Liberal Arts (ILA) hosted another Welcome Coffee Hours event for Tokyo Tech’s new international students on October 1. The event, split into two sessions, was again held online due to the effects of COVID-19. Over 70 students, including new and current international students, and several Japanese students, joined in the fun conversation.

During both sessions, participants were able to join one of three groups based on their interests:

Japanese conversation practice with senior students
Consultation with faculty regarding Japanese classes
Exchange with Student Association for Global Exchange (SAGE) members

Regardless of their choice, participants were welcomed warmly by their fellow students, by Vice President for Teaching and Learning Jun-ichi Imura during the first session, and by Professor Hilofumi Yamamoto from the Japanese Section during the second session.

After their discussions, students shared their feedback in real time through slides that were shared with all participants. Some students expressed joy for being able to meet their fellow Japanese language students online, while others were pleased to join a student party even before they had set foot in Japan.