Tomorrow PetrSU will host an Open Doors Day in the virtual space.

Also in this issue you will learn that PetrSU has become one of the strongest universities in Russia in the field of medicine and healthcare.

He will remain in our memory … In the heading “Personnel of PetrSU” we will remember what I.R.Shegelman was like.

On the pages of the newspaper you will find information about how Karelia looks through the eyes of scientists, as well as about the use of digital technologies and artificial intelligence technologies in education, science and society; how was the geographical dictation.

The column “Students” will tell about who in PetrSU was awarded the Honorary Badge of the Head of the Republic of Karelia for his great personal contribution to the implementation of the state ethnic policy in the Republic of Karelia; who became the adapter of the year; what creative team won the “Student of the Year” award.

All this and much more in the new issue of the newspaper “Petrozavodsk University” dated 12/11/2020.