Tomsk State University: International master’s students completed practice at TESC

Master’s students of the International Management program have completed their externships. Four students from India, Nigeria, and Ghana passed them in the Tomsk Export Support Center (TESC), a long-term reliable partner of the Institute of Economics and Management.

Due to persisting restrictions, the practice was mostly online. Students conducted in-depth marketing research of potential sales markets for a wide range of goods produced by Tomsk companies interested in exporting and entering the markets of India, the United Arab Emirates, and some other countries.

Alexander Belyaev, the director of the TESC, summing up the results of the practice, noted that the students’ work was very useful for the center, and of course, will be used to expand the activity of Tomsk exporters in the international market, including when building trajectories of their entry into the markets of new countries.

According to Artyom Korneev, head of practice from TESC, the International Management program’s students showed good professional training, they took a very responsible attitude to the tasks and successfully coped with them, demonstrated a creative approach, the ability to work in an international team and, which is extremely important now, to effectively interact with each other and with practice leaders online.

– Even in the conditions of today’s medical restrictions, during my practice, I managed to learn a lot about the work of Tomsk exporters, their export potential. I think that the tasks that we solved during the practice are very useful for me professionally, I will be glad if, thanks to my work, Tomsk companies will be able to find partners in other countries and enter new markets for them, said George Azare from Ghana after the practice.

Sandra Maria Rodriguez from India added that the tasks of the practice were solved together, by the whole team, while two of our team were in India, and two in Tomsk.

– We discussed the best proposals, agreed on methods of searching for information, options for presenting our results. We learned a lot of new things and were able to boost our theoretical knowledge on specific practical cases, – she shared.

Amyt Banerjee from India noted that he enjoyed participating in the real project: “Tomsk companies are very diverse, their products have very good market potential, which, I am sure, will be demanded by international partners. I hope, that I have contributed to this process as well”.

– I liked the creative and friendly atmosphere that is characteristic of the Tomsk Export Support Center, and the practice was very useful in a professional sense, it made it possible to better know how the business support infrastructure works in Russia and Tomsk, – said Joshua Babatunde (Nigeria).

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