Tomsk State University: New co-working space opens in Parus

PixelPlaceTSU, a co-working space, has opened in the Parus dormitory of Tomsk State University. It offers areas for individual study sessions as well as for work in groups, and is equipped with modular furniture that can be arranged to meet the needs of students.
PixelPlace accommodates up to 40 people and can serve various purposes: from writing a thesis to filming a TikTok or watching a movie.
“The space functions for both recreation and study, because we understand that learning happens not only within lecture halls. We learn every minute of our life,” said Daria Chernikova, deputy director of the TSU Research and Education Center of Urbanistics and Regional Development.

The name PixelPlaceTSU was inspired by the design and functions of the space. Block settees reminded TSU urbanists of pixels that matter both alone and together: “This place is more than the sum of its parts, and that is why the name reflects this ideology of uniting the general and the particular and core values of the university ecosystem.”

“This space is the first of its kind in the university, and the biggest and most colorful. I think it will give birth to good projects and good grades that will spread beyond the university walls. We plan on scaling this experience in the region, the city and the University of Tomsk project,” noted Sergey Kulizhskiy, TSU Vice-Rector for Social Services.

The need for such spaces manifested itself clearly during the pandemic. Students need designated spaces for studying where they would feel comfortable and be able to concentrate on their studies.

“It’s great that we now have this place to study. It’s hard to concentrate in your dorm room, especially if you have a different schedule than your roommates do. Here you can study and not bother others, first of all, and second of all, it’s nice here. I think we’ll be meeting with friends here,” adds Anatoliy Krivochenko, TSU postgraduate student.

Sergey Kulizhskiy said that such multifunctional places should appear soon in another TSU dormitory, Mayak. The university also plans to furnish the study rooms in the dormitories on Yuzhnaya Square with new devices and create open street co-working zones on campus.

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