Tomsk State University: Russian language as a gateway in one of the best universities in China

After intense competition, TSU Faculty of Philology graduate Ju Chuangya has earned a position at Sun Yat-sen University, one of the best universities in China. She studied the Russian language at Tomsk State University for seven years, and for the last three years, she has been completing her postgraduate degree and working as editor of the Chinese version of TSU’s official website.

“I studied at the Shenyang Ligong University for two years, then spent my third and fourth year at TSU as a part of a joint degree program,” says Ju Chuangya. “I liked the teachers and the quality of education, therefore I choose TSU for my master’s degree. After graduation, I went on to study as a postgraduate student. The research experience I had is very useful. Now I work as a Russian language teacher at Sun Yat-sen University, and I need to conduct research work too, it is a requirement for all the staff.”
Sun Yat-sen University offers a variety of programs in humanities, social and natural sciences, engineering, medicine, and pharmacology. Prospective lecturers must meet strict requirements: The candidate should have a degree equivalent to a PhD and have a varied set of skills and professional competencies to work with students from all over the world.

“I think I would not have been able to find such a good position if it weren’t for the quality education of TSU,” evaluates Ju Chuangya. “I received fundamental education and multiple useful professional competencies. I gained a lot of practical experience by working at the TSU Confucius Institute, editing the Chinese version of the TSU official website, and recruiting students. All this is useful in my work.”

As Ju Chuangya says, TSU is twice the alma mater for her family, since her younger brother graduated from the TSU Faculty of Economics and Management. Now, he works as a manager for a major company.

Tomsk State University is becoming more popular among youth in China every year. TSU recruiting activity in Southeast Asia is the main instrument for that.

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