Tomsk State University: The online club In Russian helps international students learn Russian

The TSU Pre-courses Department has begun a practical language club In Russian. Faculty teachers organized open lessons on Zoom where international students can meet and communicate with each other and improve their knowledge of the Russian language, which will be useful for them when entering Russian universities and further education.

Online club meetings will be held twice a month. Participants will be offered various topics for discussion: “How many seasons are there in Tomsk?”, “Where do dreams come from?”, “Where is good to relax in the summer?”, and others. Also, repetition of grammatical material is planned for each lesson. Teachers use a variety of educational technologies and resources (Kahoot, Mentimeter, Typeform, and Quizlet), and audio and video materials, which makes meetings not only interesting but productive.

– The first such meeting took place February 16, with 20 participants – from Vietnam, China, Indonesia, Laos, and other countries, – said Lyudmila Dubtsova, dean of the Pre-courses Department. – Separately, it should be noted that the participants from Latin America – El Salvador, Ecuador, and Colombia – woke up for a meeting at 5:30 a.m. After all, our time difference is 12 hours, and classes are held mainly in the evening, Tomsk time – this is more convenient for most teachers and students from other countries. By the way, there were no problems with communication.

In the first lesson, the participants repeated the rules for using the accusative and prepositional cases, discussed the role of foreign languages in the modern world, told each other about the difficulties they face in learning languages, and shared their methods of learning the difficult, but in their opinion, very beautiful, Russian language. Students also noted a few favorite Russian words – “happiness”, “sorry”, “friends”, “family” and, of course, “university”.

Anyone can join the meetings of the In Russian club, regardless of which university they do or intend to study at.

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