Tomsk State University: TSU conducted a workshop for teachers of Russian in Hanoi

Russian House in Hanoi (Vietnam) conducted a series of events on the history of the Russian language. One of them is a presentation of TSU and its programs, as well as seminars for teachers of Russian in schools in Phủ Lý and Nam Định.

Nearly 120 schoolchildren visited the presentation, and 50 teachers participated in the seminars from schools and universities in Hanoi, Đà Nẵng, and Huế.
“Russian House in Hanoi hosted seminars on teaching Russian as a foreign language, including testing the university-developed platform SpeakRus for learning Russian online. Teachers from Vietnam were very interested in this platform, as it allows using authentic language material and organizing independent work with an individual track. Moreover, it is a good tool for teaching Russian when there are so few textbooks,” noted Svetlana Yermolenko, head of the seminar and head of the TSU Department of Russian as a Foreign Language.

The workshop participants discussed modern educational technologies, management excellence in education, IT in teaching foreign languages, and quality control in language teaching and testing.

Andrey Borodenko, deputy head of the Russian House in Hanoi, said that the Russian House tried to create an immersion environment for professional Russian language and hoped that the seminars would ignite the interest of Russian language teachers from Vietnam and would help them in their career.

Tomsk State University has close ties with Vietnam. In 2020, it became the partner university for the Vietnam academic olympiad in the Russian language. Winners of this academic olympiad can study in Russia without paying tuition, on the Rossotrudnichestvo special quota. It was the first time the Russian House decided to hold the academic olympiad online due to the coronavirus outbreak, and TSU was chosen as a partner university.

Currently, there are more than 60 students from Vietnam at TSU, with most students choosing Institute of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science, Institute of Economics and Management, Faculty of Innovative Technologies, or Faculty of Foreign Languages.