Tomsk State University: TSU scientists to clarify data on mining on 5,000 sq km

The research laboratory GeoMaps of the TSU Faculty of Geology and Geography will study a significant part of the Kopyevskaya area in Khakassia and the Krasnoyarsk Krai. After three months of field work, a geological map with updated data on the prospects for mining – gold, copper, and other metals for 4749.5 sq km will be created.

The staff of the Faculty of Geology and Geography will draw up the author’s version of the State Geological Map at a scale of 1:200,000, to clarify the features of the geological structure of these areas and the patterns of distribution of minerals.

– In the first stage, over three field seasons we performed geological routes and studied rock outcrops on the sides of rivers, streams, and watersheds. The results obtained in the form of anomalies we shown on maps and diagrams, calculations carried out, and substantiations of the predicted resources for each type of mineral given. Based on the materials of our predecessors, we have already compiled a set of preliminary maps and diagrams, which will be substantially refined in the course of the work, – said Alexey Kotelnikov, head of the GeoMaps laboratory.

Now the researchers are preparing for the next expedition. As in previous years, in addition to the permanent laboratory staff, 14 students of the Faculty of Geology and Geography will take part in the work as geological technicians and laboratory assistants. During the field practice, they will collect materials for writing reports and for preparing bachelor’s and master’s theses, while gaining experience in field research using the most modern techniques and technical means. For three months, the members of the expedition will collect a sufficient amount of information and then start processing analytical data, drawing up geological maps of the set, clarifying the serial legend, and assessing the prospects of the area for minerals.

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