Top Foreign Universities to Study Master of Arts

Master of Arts is a degree that has a wide plethora to choose from for your postgraduate studies. It’s a degree that provides you with the knowledge of a particular field in the humanities. History, arts, philosophy and social sciences are to name some of the areas in which the degree of Master in Arts provides specialization in.

MA Degrees require a varying mixture of research and dedication. Apart from offering an amazing career on completion, MA degree is also a stepping stone for a doctorate degree. To choose which university to go to pursue your higher studies is undoubtedly a tough task. This article is mainly focused on helping you to find the best university that suits your interest and dreams in the field of Master of Arts. So, here is a list of TOP Foreign Universities to study Master of Arts.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

This university not only provides courses for science and technology enthusiasts, but it also offers a variety of courses for arts and humanity lovers. The university offers a course in many specialisations such as anthropology, linguistics, media arts, history, and music and theatre arts.

Massachusetts Institute of technology gives the students what they want in this field. Some of the notable Alumni from MIT are the Indian economist Raghuram Rajan.

Stanford University

This University was established with the motto of educating cultured and useful citizens. And since then till now Humanities is undeniably one of the solely important courses at the Stanford. The School Of Humanities and Sciences awards 63 percent of all Stanford undergraduates and approximately 40 percent graduates.

Some of the notable alumni are Elon Musk, John F. Kennedy, Elizabeth Holmes and Reese Witherspoon of Stanford University.

University Of Cambridge

This university doesn’t need any introduction as it has always ranked as one of the best universities for a wide range of subjects. The University is famous for its good faculty and classic UK traditional values. There are around 31 colleges and the entire university is based in London.

The university offers the maximum exposure to the students with the collaborative research work. Apart from academic excellence, the university also takes care of recreational activities to keep the students engaged in their free time.

The School Of Humanities and Social Sciences “covers a wide range of disciplines with differing methodologies.” Also, the school is largest of the six Schools in the University. Cambridge is one of the best institutions and its alumni just embark upon that fact. Philosopher Bertrand Russel and dramatist Christopher Marlov being among them.

Harvard University

Harvard is a one of the most prestigious institutions in the world. It is the oldest University of the United States. At Harvard, 15 departments and four undergraduate degree programs offer courses in the humanities.

The courses taught by faculty members who have a lot of experience and have an amazing track record. There are a lot of seminars and research work always happening to keep the students on the toes. William James Sidis, American novelist Thomas Wolfe, novelist and journalist Mark Helprin are some of the notable alumni of this prestigious University.

University of Oxford

Like the other universities mentioned above, Oxford is one of the most prestigious and well known University in the world. It is an internationally renowned institution and students are benefited to be a part of it.

The Humanities division of the Oxford offers a varied list of courses far from ancient history to English language and literature among others. In contrary to the US education system, students at Oxford University have to enroll in a specific course.

There are many composers, novelists, and artists who have studied in the institute before. Novelist Graham Green and Indian Actress and author Soha Ali Khan are some of the alumni of Oxford University from around the world.