Total #LOCKDOWN across #INDIA for next the 21 days beginning 12 pm tonight : PM Narendra Modi

New Delhi: Addressing the nation for a second time in less than a week, Prime Minister Narendra Modi called for a nationwide lockdown starting midnight. The duration of the lockdown will be 21 days, added Modi.

He further says 21 days are needed to break the chain. ‘National lockdown will be until April 14, 2020’, says PM Narendra Modi . No doubt, this lockdown will entail an economic cost for the entire nation. But saving the life of every Indian is the first priority for me, the Govt of India, the State Govts and the local administration says PM Narendra Modi.

“If we are not able to manage the upcoming 21 days (of nationwide complete lockdown), we will be pushed back 21 years,” says PM Modi.

The prime minister asks the people to stay at home and warns people against the hazard of stepping out of the house amid coronavirus pandemic.

WHO report says one infected person can infect hundreds of people just in a week, this virus spreads like fire, It is difficult to stop it once it spreads: PM.  PM Modi says Don’t cross the Laxman Rekha. From Prime Minister to a villager, every citizen of India has to stay at home to combat #coronavirus .