Tour of the Cathedral of St. blessed led. book Alexander Nevsky

Teachers of the Department of Pedagogy and Psychology of Childhood, undergraduate students took part in a tour of the Cathedral in the name of St. blessed led. book Alexander Nevsky.
The excursion became a vivid illustration of the report of Archpriest John Terenyak , the rector of the cathedral , with whom he spoke at an educational and educational seminar on the last day of the All-Russian scientific and practical conference ” II Sretensky educational readings. Anniversary milestones. History and modernity” – “History of the Alexander Nevsky Mining Church of Petrozavodsk “.

Tour guide Tikhonov Alexander Alexandrovich, head of the Karelian regional public youth movement “Tradition”, the Cathedral of St. blgv. led. book Alexander Nevsky, a graduate of Petrozavodsk State University, spoke about the important historical facts of the revival of the cathedral, introduced him to the experience of work on spiritual and moral education of young people .

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