Tourism New Zealand appoints new Chief Executive

 Mumbai: René de Monchy has been appointed to the role of Tourism New Zealand Chief Executive.

“René has been an instrumental member of the Tourism New Zealand Executive Team for over five years and has done a fantastic job as interim CE over the past few months in a uniquely challenging time for the sector and the organization,” says Tourism New Zealand Board Chair, Jamie Tuuta.

“René is a strong advocate for working with the government and the sector to ensure that it enriches Aotearoa, and this will be particularly important as borders start to open.”

Tourism New Zealand continues to have a firm focus on encouraging domestic visitation to support New Zealand’s recovery, and with news this week of quarantine free travel with Australia about to open up, the team is working with the sector to get Australians booking and to ensure that the industry is ‘Australia ready’.

The organization is also working hard keeping New Zealand’s brand alive in other core markets for the eventual return of overseas visitors.


“Tourism is important to New Zealand’s recovery and as we get closer to the return of international visitors, it is incredibly important that this is balanced. While ensuring tourism enriches our home, communities, and people. I look forward to working closely with the government and the sector to achieve this.” says new Tourism New Zealand Chief Executive René de Monchy.

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