Toyota Material Handling Reimagines Dealer Engagement on Infosys Platform

Bengaluru: Infosys (NYSE: INFY), a global leader in next-generation digital services and consulting, announced that it further enhanced its collaboration with Toyota Material Handling (TMH), a North American leader in material handling innovation, to deliver an immersive experience to its dealer ecosystem on the Infosys Meridian platform. A part of Infosys Cobalt, Infosys Meridian enables enterprises to evolve into a remote-first, hyper-productive anywhere workplace that deepens stakeholder engagement, streamlines work processes and enhances productivity.

Infosys has been collaborating with TMH for about two years in multiple digital transformation initiatives including its global telematics solution, enterprise data strategy and hyper automation. TMH holds a premier annual event to engage with its dealer partners. In this event they showcase their existing offerings and solutions and launch new products. With wide-spread social distancing, it was very challenging for them to achieve this in an effective manner. TMH partnered with Infosys to host this 4-day event, virtually on the Infosys platform. Delivering hyper-personalized experiences to dealers from across North America, the company disseminated information on the latest products and innovations in its forklifts and advanced logistics solutions. Infosys Meridian’s observability and AI virtual assistant capabilities helped Toyota Material Handling to engage with dealers seamlessly through highly captivating and experiential virtual events.

Jeff Rufener, President & CEO, Toyota Material Handling, said, “During these times of social distancing, it’s challenging to make quality connections with dealers and customers. But we were able to delight our dealers with an immersive experience using Infosys Meridian. This platform allowed us to hold a virtual Toyota Week, an event that brought our dealers from across North America together for keynote sessions, breakout meetings, and a product showcase. Infosys Meridian helped us reach more than twice as many people as we could with a live event. We believe the platform’s many features and capabilities deliver great value in areas such as virtual training and interactive virtual showrooms.”

Jasmeet Singh, EVP and Global Head of Manufacturing, Infosys, said, “Manufacturers today are looking to use technology in myriad ways to reimagine their business processes and redefine stakeholder engagement in the new normal. Through the power of Infosys Meridian, a cloud-powered, mobile-first platform, Toyota Material Handling was able to engage the dealer community, who are key to their business. We look forward to collaborating with TMH in future on the virtual platform.”

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