Training of specialists for the regions of the Arctic and Subarctic

PetrSU opens a master’s program “Nordic studies: language, history, culture”. This is a joint program of the Institute of Philology, the Institute of History, Political and Social Sciences of PetrSU and Murmansk State University.
The aim of the master’s program is to train specialists in the field of history, languages, literature and culture of the countries of the Arctic and Subarctic regions.

Along with basic courses in philology and cultural communication, students study in depth a complex of disciplines in Nordic studies, including:

history, philosophy and culture of the Nordic countries
history and current state of international relations in Northern Europe
problems of self-identification of northern peoples
Norse mythology and folklore
cross-border literary ties.
Special attention is paid to foreign languages. In addition to an in-depth English course, students study Swedish, Finnish, Norwegian. Classes with experienced teachers are built taking into account the individual level of training of students.

During their studies, students will also have to go through several types of internships – research, pedagogical and pre-diploma.

After completing the training, the student will be awarded the qualification “Master” (direction of preparation 04/45/01 “Philology”, profile / focus of the program “Nordic studies: language, history, culture.” The proposed specialty is academic in nature.

A graduate of the magistracy gets the right to enroll in postgraduate studies in any area of ​​training at PetrSU, other universities in Russia and foreign countries.

Where can a graduate find a job?

To municipal and commercial educational institutions (including higher educational institutions), institutions of science and culture, advertising agencies, publishing organizations, media centers, press services and PR departments of government bodies, state and commercial organizations, firms whose activities are related to the development of the Arctic and subarctic regions, translation services (English, Swedish, Finnish and Norwegian), negotiating with foreign partners in the study of the northern territories, as well as in international and non-governmental organizations, in expert and analytical institutes and centers, in the field of tourism and cultural institutions.

This network program, which is based on the idea of ​​harmonious cooperation between the two universities, provides an opportunity for internships at PetrSU and MASU. Universities of Northern Europe, Germany, USA and Canada are also partners in educational projects. This opens up additional opportunities for students to obtain an education of the European level, including study at foreign and Russian universities within the framework of exchange programs,
said Anna Yuryevna Nilova, director of the Institute of Philology.

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