Trans Aviacons and Embry Riddle Aeronautical University join hands to offer two futuristic, and highly specialized bachelor’s degree Programs in Aviation Management

Hyderabad: Trans Aviacons, Hyderabad’s leaders in Aviation Training programs since 2007, collaborates with Singapore basedEmbry Riddle Aeronautical University (ERAU-Asia), one of the world’s top 10 Universities to offer two bachelor’s degree programs in Aviation Management.


Disclosing this addressing a press conference in Hyderabad on Friday, Mr V Satya Bhushana Rao, Head of the Institution—Aviacons said they are introducing Bachelor of Science – Aeronautics (BSA) and Bachelor of Science – Aviation Business Administration (BSABA) – two graduate programs along with 7 other professional Certificate Programs  from July 2022

The courses are offered in asynchronous mode(online) and these full-time programs can be completed in three years. Though there is no restriction on numbers of students, the intake will be restricted to 20 each for the course.  There will be two intakes, one in July and the other one will be in January. The fee and course modules are flexible.


The Bachelor of Science in Aeronautics (BSA) degree is designed specifically for students who desire to work in aviation-related careers. The program provides aviation-specific knowledge through aviation-related coursework. The program is accredited by the Aviation Accreditation Board International (AABI).


The Aviation Accreditation Board International (AABI) was created at the initiative of 100 colleges and universities with aviation programs that recognized the need to establish standards and submit themselves to the review of their peers and the industry.


Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University’s Bachelor of Science in Aviation Business Administration is designed for students to excel in this high-powered, fast-paced industry.


The program explores all facets of business administration and management, including Economics, Management of Aeronautical Science, Business Statistics & Accounting, Business Marketing & Management, Human Resources and Finance.


Though there are 400 to 500 ground training schools in India, Aviacons is unique as it is recognized by Serbian civil aviation authority.  Aviacons has another unique distinction of being the only Indian institute for getting recognition for Aviation English Language Proficiency Testing by UKCAA(UK Civial Aviation Authority)  as well as EASA(European Aviation Safety Authority), which is regarded as the best aviation authority across the world.


Aviacons is also planning to set up a flight school in Nanded Airport, which is likely to commence anywhere between October to December this year.  Subsequently it will be scaled up into Integrated Training Hub, a one stop-shop for Aviation related trainings in next three to 5 years.


Currently it has three training aircrafts.  It has placed expression of interest with NAL(National  Aerospace Laboratory) to purchase three Hansa NG Training Aircraft. These are indigenous built aircrafts for training purpose.  The procurement and operating cost of this aircraft will be significantly low, thereby, reducing cost of flight training. Aviacons was one of the first few to place letter of expression of interest.


Speaking further Mr. Satya Bhushan Rao gave an overview of the potential of Hyderabad as an aviation hub.  The city can boast of two military airports, two commercial airports, one training airfield with a total of 7 runways.  It has a MRO, and has a cluster of aerospace companies.


The current annual demand for pilots is 1500 , but only 1000 pilots are being training  There will be a huge  demand of 8000 to 10,000 pilots in next 5 to 7 years. India can boast of about 39 pilots training institutions.  All these put together have about 250 training aircrafts.  Based on the aircrafts capacity we can train 2500 pilots per annum, but the industry is able to produce only 1000 to 1200 pilots.


India is currently ranked the ninth-largest civil aviation market in the world, and it is set to become largest global market by 2030. It is currently considered the fastest growing industry with a plethora of employment opportunities in the next 10 years.


Currently the country has 113 airports with 900 aircrafts flying.  Currently 10,000 pilots are operating these aircraft.  Nearly 1.5 lakh personnel are directly employed in this sector.


The future of the industry is very promising.  The number of airports are likely to go upto 250 in next 10 years.  The regional connectivity to increase to 948 routes under the UDAAN program.  The number of aircrafts are expected to go upto 1500 and that will need 18000 pilots to operate.  And it will employ nearly 5 lakh professional


The growth and development of aviation industry is highly dependent on availability of skilled professionals and the training industry is bracing up to meet the surge in demand. The Graduate Programs and certificate courses are career-oriented, in line with the best industry norms and standards from across the globe, and at the same time cost-effective and will help to bridge the demand-supply gap of qualified and skilled aviation professionals.


Though aviation has always been a field of fancy and curiosity to many youngsters, due to lack of awareness and proper guidance, and the cost involved in quality education, it is not fully explored by many.  The aviation management programs being offered by Aviacons in collaboration with one of the world’s best universities, is an effort to make world class education available to Indian students at the most affordable price, so that this becomes a preferred career option for youngsters in India – says V, Satya Bhushana Rao. He further added that currently, we do not have any universities offering exclusive aviation studies and there is an urgent need to offer such specialized aviation management courses to meet the industry expectations.


Adds Mrs Teena Marina Oommen, Director of Aviacons, that Aviacons has trained over 1000 students in the past decade. Many of its alumni are flying various Airlines now. Embry Riddle Aeronautical University (ERAU – Asia Campus) is nearly 100 years old and is one of the top 10 Universities in the world and ranked No. 3 in Asia offering exclusive aviation study programs. The ERAU degree courses are recognized and valued across the globe and more than 92% of ERAU students get placed within 6 months of completion of their course. It has produced more than 140,000 alumni who keep the aerospace and related industries running safely and productively.


The two academic programs in aviation management shall be jointly offered by Aviacons and Embry Riddle Aeronautical University (ERAU – Asia). These courses help to bridge the gap between industry requirements and skilled professionals. These courses are specifically designed keeping in mind, the evolving industry developments, global best practices, and emerging technological trends in aviation learning – informed Mr Kirit Manek, Director of Finance & Business Operations


ERAU enrolls over 30,000 students every year pursuing more than 100 degrees at the associate, bachelor’s, master’s, and PhD levels.


The university engages in extensive research and consulting that address the unique needs of aviation, aerospace, and related industries.