Transforming school education with contactless classes & minimal bandwidth requirement

Bengaluru: The pending SSLC exams were recently being held across Karnataka from June 25th in an attempt to get the education process back on track. Conducted by the Karnataka Secondary Education Examination Board (KSEEB) following specified norms, these exams marked the first such official education-linked initiative by the state since the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak.
Several precautions are taken to ensure social distancing, wearing masks and use of santisers, but there is an unmistakable atmosphere of fear among those present at the exam centres and their family members at home during those few hours. While a decision on reopening schools & colleges in the state would be taken after August, many parents voiced concerns about the greater risk involved if their children have to regularly attend normal classes even with restrictions in place.
A better alternative, which assuages their concerns and still safely allows resuming formal education would be switching over to contactless virtual classrooms, which can be attended by the students from their residences. PROLEAR Institution, an online virtual platform created by GrowthCode, enables this, empowering schools & colleges to transform the processes of imparting education.
Ravi Krishnamurthy, Co-founder, GrowthCode Technology Solutions, explains, “With PROLEAR Institution, their students will never miss a class, neither will the teachers. The lessons are delivered to each learner individually with any time, anywhere access, meaning there is no ‘schedule’ to adhere. The biggest advantage is that the process does not require teachers and students to be face to face on a given day at a specified time for a set duration, be it for learning lessons or assessment and feedback.”
“This flexibility in learning and submission timings facilitates shared usage of the existing gadgets at home and eliminates the need to spend on a new laptop or tab in the current scenario where family finances are already under pressure. Moreover, since the bandwidth required is minimal, PROLEAR Institution successfully eliminates what used to be one of the biggest barriers to online learning,” he pointed out.
Easy to access and operate on any smart mobile device and personal computers, it is truly a blessing given that students in some areas of the state are even today forced to travel miles to get the necessary bandwidth for online lectures. With the monsoons having commenced, students who now no longer need to commute long distances for higher bandwidth braving torrential rains will definitely appreciate this much-needed edge.
PROLEAR Institution comes with a package of benefits that spell freedom for teachers and learners. The Teacher is free to use the whiteboard. Cover the lesson in multiple view angles. Add relevant video to the content. Use slides, Diagrams and graphs. The entire syllabus will be accessible online so the students can learn or revise anytime they want to, anywhere they are, as per their convenience.
It’s not easy being a parent in the current scenario and worrying about when your child’s education will restart, whether the lessons will be conducted in an environment that is safe or not? If the education is being provided at home, will it be regular and systematic? Will the learning process be truly effective? How do I know whether the teaching is being done professionally, if all the topics are being explained, and that too properly, in detail? Is the online content ‘safe’ for my child to view? Will the visuals be appropriate? Does the content have objectionable words? PROLEAR Institution addresses all these questions more than satisfactorily and provides a much-needed feeling of comfort to parents of the students.
Schools too benefit in myriad ways by joining hands with Growthcode. PROLEAR Institution provides Complete Learning Management from hosting classes to Assessment to Evaluation. The future of education clearly lies in freeing the learning process of existing limitations and in implementing tech-based innovations at a macro level. PROLEAR Institution heralds that very future.

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