Translation and Vernacularity 3rd Session of UGC SAP DRS-II Seminar cum Workshop


Aligarh : Third Session of the ongoing UGC SAP DRS-II Seminar cum Workshop Series on Translation Studies was conducted in the Department of English, AMU in online mode on 4th March.

The expert and resource person, Prof Tharakeshwar VB from the English and Foreign languages University (EFLU)) Hyderabad delivered a lecture on various aspects of vernacular discourse and touched upon the concept of vernacular language and its origin of the European sense and oral use of vernacular language. He brought into discussion a survey of the movement from vernacular to modern language. He talked of a vertical hierarchy that is present and established in language dividing it as a language of court and language of common people.

Detailed question and answer session followed his talk where Prof Tharkeshwar talked about the importance of translation in the NEP implementation and the status of English as a gatekeeper of knowledge.

The session was chaired by Prof Seemin Hasan, who advocated the need for more collaboration between different Indian languages. She said that communication is present in one’s mind and heart therefore; languages find their way out in the process of translation. She praised the research scholars and translators for diligently attempting translation under the DRS-II.

Dr Sarfaraz Anwer, Department of Urdu, AMU presented a comparison of two translations of Urdu short story “Bandooq”. Question of hundred percent correct translations was brought on the table to which Prof Tharakeshwar responded that it is not possible to have one perfect translation because there are always possibilities of translating differently

Prof Rizwan Khan, coordinator, UGC SAP DRS- II initiated the session with his welcome note and opening remarks.

Prof Vibha Sharma, deputy coordinator, briefed about the theme of the workshop and activities. She said that the region specific texts of literary, cultural and historical importance are being translated under the DRS-II.

Prof Asif Shuja, Dr Raihan Raza, Prof Abdul Alim, Prof Shahul Hameed, Prof Shaheena Tarannum, Dr Pallav Vishnu and many other teachers along with students and scholars attended the program from across the country.

The programme was conducted by Ms Huma Khan, research scholar in the Department of English.

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