TreeHouse chain of schools hosted special events on Hindi Diwas


On Hindi Diwas (September 14), the TreeHouse chain of schools hosted diverse literary activities. The celebrations have unfolded across all the branches of the school and has included grade-wise- poetry recitation, dramatics, and essay writing competitions for children.


Educationist and founder of TreeHouse, Rajesh Bhatia says, “Hindi has such a great poetic and literary heritage and we want to inculcate the love for literature and linguistic richness in our children. Every child should stay connected to their mother tongue and at TreeHouse, we wanted students to discover the different ways in which India expresses itself. Our idiomatic fecundity as a nation is second to none.”


Children had competed in contests designed to encourage the exploration of poetry, classic stories, etc, and had also taken part in storytelling competitions.


“On this day, our students have also expressed their feelings and thoughts through their own poems, stories, and essays. Needless to say, such events also go a long way in improving their diction, public speaking skills, and verbal proficiency,” adds Bhatia.

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